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If Gold is Eternal

...If gold is eternal, then let me gorge myself on eternity!

Chef Diplomatic

The first evidence of the use of edible gold occurs among the ancient Egyptians, almost 5000 years ago. Gold represented a way to get closer to their gods, so they decorated their graves with it, used it to paint their gods, and ate it to try to align themselves closer to their divine powers.

There are neither negative nor beneficial effects to consuming food grade high karat gold as it is biologically inert and is usually suitable for use in food as it does not oxidize or corrode in humid air, unlike many other metals.

Gold gives luxury and art to our dishes. Before sticking your fork into your plate, admire it, smell it and then taste the eternal infinity. You will be more satisfied and you will pay homage to the artist who created it

When you handle the gold leaf, hold your breath, don't even let the breeze in, let it fall on the food like rays of the setting sun.

Chef Diplomatic