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Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) meat has a unique flavor and texture that secures its delicacy status in high-end restaurants around the world.
Coccodrillo D'Oro comes from our best authorized crocodile farms and the meat is processed in Italy with innovative and luxurious recipes.
Only the highest quality ingredients have been selected from five continents to accompany our fine meat. Precious spices such as Tasmanian pepper, bourbon vanilla, allspice from Jamaica, Argan oil, baobab flour, Himalayan salt and many others to which we have dedicated the name of our recipes: Precious spices of the world. Thanks to the continuous research and innovation of Chef Diplomatic and his team of Savannah Delights, another Italian excellence was born to satisfy the most refined palates.

in ArganOlive oil, Chef Diplomatic's formula made with the best extra virgin olive oils combined with the luxurious goodness of Extra virgin Argan oil

Preservative free

Originally exotic, traditionally Italian made with the best typical recipes. We cook with good taste while paying attention to the healthy benefits of our products.